How to start a clothing line as a teenager

How to start a clothing line as a teenager

Something which never gets old is clothes. Something which cannot be bought is taste. If you have impeccable taste in fashion and if you have knowledge of the waving trends on current fashion starting a clothing line can be extremely rewarding, as-well-as, satisfactory. If your friends think that you are creative and they look up to you for fashion choices, you maybe are the right person to enter the world of the rag trade. Moreover, Behind every successful fashion venture there is a personality who is passionate about both the thread and trade of the business, why can’t it be you?

Why you should start the business?

Primarily because your understanding of fashion is cool, trendy and relevant. If people perceive you as a fashionista, their perception will result in purchases that will bring regular money moolah in your pocket. The biggest advantage you can have over your contemporaries is the creativity and uniqueness you personally possess. In addition, This will surely give you a competitive advantage which will make you and your brand stand out.

How to kick start the project?

The stepping stone for any venture to succeed is the research that went behind the curtains. In a world where there are millions of wholesale boutique vendors and billions of clothing vendors, gaining an advantage over the competitors can be pivotal. That’s where exploration, investigation and experimentation comes in handy. Competitor’s weakness can become your strength which you can cash in.

However, before understanding their strength and weakness, as an entrepreneur, you should be clear about your own strength and weakness in the first place.

Knowing the target audience is the most crucial thing in penetrating and sustaining the business. You need to understand the mindset you are catering to. Nonetheless, Your brand can have the best products in the best possible price, still there are slim chances of you making any penny because of not attending the correct target consumer cluster. Moreover, You can’t really sell sand in a dessert even if you have the best sand to offer!


You should primarily decide what your brand is all about. In terms of both the products and the message, you are planning to convey. To stand out, you need to name your company based on the message it is constructed upon.

Although, your designs may differ from piece to piece. You should have a uniform yet distinct characteristics that sets the tone for your brand which makes it eccentric and.

Furthermore, you need to pick a message that your brand personifies. This should be an amalgamation of the mission statement, target consumers and the goals you and your company are planning to achieve.

Doing the skin print

You can do the printing all by yourself. Even though, it will allow you to have full creative control over the products. It will be a very time-consuming procedure; mass producing the products will be near to an impossible task. 

You can hire someone else to do the job for you. It will allow you to have some if not full creative control over the products. But it will not be cost effective and mass production will still be tough.

You can take the service of other companies to do the skin prints. It will allow you to get mass production at a lower price. However, you will not have any control over the quality of the products.

Choosing the business model

Print on demand

It is self-explanatory. You print the products whenever the demand arises. So, whenever a customer orders the products you print accordingly and ship it. It allows you to operate with no inventory.


It is one of the most cost-effective maneuvers where you produce a large number of products and store it in the inventory. It gets a bit tricky here. Because, with lots of stored products there are high chances of property damage. Furthermore, if the products are not accepted by the target audience. You have high chances of having a large quantity of products with zero to no demand at your disposable.

For that, you can do is order products from, we are an urban wholesale clothing vendor. We offer one of the largest collections in women, men apparel we even cater to diverse body types including plus size clothing. So, you will be able to penetrate a niche market as well. We offer the best possible price on the trendiest clothes on the market. We are one of the finest clothing wholesale suppliers.

Customized Cut

This model will concentrate on customizing each piece according to the needs of each customer. This will give you an edge over your rivals. Even though, you can’t mass produce these items. However, you can increase the asking price up a notch. Because, each product will be unique in its own right.


To get your name out there in the world you can’t really depend on the word of mouth alone. You would want to be present where your possible consumers are, which is social media. This is where companies like Diligence Digital come in. They will take the responsibility of promoting you and your brand to a point where you won’t have to deal with it at all. 

Starting a clothing line is not at all an easy idea to execute. Nonetheless, just because it is a tough task does not mean it is impossible. With self-reliance, concentration and hard work. It is very much possible. With the resources mentioned above your company’s sailing may not be that smooth but they can help you constructing the boat in the first place.

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